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About me                                                                                                                                                              


I was born in the sixties in Braunschweig (Germany) and my musical career began when I was sixteen.                                 

My first instrument was the E-Guitar which I learned self-educated and my first school band called “Paper plane”.

Then I played Lead Guitar in the local Band "Heartburn”, before I

moved to Hannover and played also Lead Guitar in the Band “La Linea”.


At the same time I set up my home recording studio with tape recorders and several additional instruments like piano, flute, Blues-harp, 12 string guitar, spanish and electric guitars, synthesizer and so on….


Also meanwhile I produced the "Plathnerstrasse" album with my friends Rainer and Udo in our Flat-sharing community in 1981.


Song writing and recording of rock, pop and folk music was my main activity over the years.

In the second half of the eighties I became a more or less professional bar piano player.

My favorite bars I hang around were Møvenpick, Hotels like Marriot, Weinkrüger and live-music bars in Hamburg.

End of the eighties I had a project with a brazilian guitar player who wants to make a demo tape and sell it on the streets. He was a quite good guitar player and singer and I enjoyed supporting him on this project.

A view years later I had the chance to produce one of my songs with a children choir what was really amazing and a wonderful experience, the song called “Angels of Love”.


After the decision to take some singing lessons I got the inspiration in 1995 to produce a professional CD, the Joshua project.

It took around 3 month while the musical work was a collection of Tracks I composed partly years ago. The musical recording was made in just 2 weeks, while photo shooting, graphical work for the cover and digital mastering for the final glass master was the biggest part, certainly. I played, recorded and mixed all music by myself as usual with Otari 8 track tape recorder, ATARI MIDI and Drum Computers.


After that I just made one more song, followed by a long musical break over the whole time of my marriage. After my divorce in 2008 I bought all the guitars I’ve always dreamed of ;-)

I dig up my old OTARI tape recorder, set up my studio again and started to write new music.


An old and lovely girlfriend once wrote a poem about someone who is captured in his own ivory tower. I'm pretty much remembered to this person while thinking to myself.


Another poem of her which follow me up lifelong is about "forbidden love".


Anyway, there is also a serious career beside to make some money, I became an IT specialist in 1999.


Now I'm working full time for a worldwide data center, but my passion is still the music, of course.



Dirk Weiß 1995 The Joshua project